About Green Youth

Our Story

Take a quick glance at the ingredients list of most skincare products in the market. It will be no surprise to find a long list of confusing, scientific-sounding chemicals and synthetic ingredients (that you probably can’t even pronounce!). it’s no longer a secret that some of them are harmful and even carcinogenic which led many to seek natural and organic lifestyles.

After a fairly long experience in the cosmetics industry, we decided to make our own products. Products with almost no chemicals using only natural ingredients.

We tested simple classical Turkish and Arab recipes and they surely proved their effectiveness so we continued to innovate. Our early customers (friends and family) were fascinated and satisfied with the results they got and they came back eager to try more. We thought: if our friends like it this much, so should everyone else! Like that, we started Green Youth.

Our goal is to prove for Jordanian and non-Jordanian consumers that they can get quality skin and body care products that are locally made from natural ingredients and for a relatively cheap price.

Finally, we are always so happy to hear back from you and look into your suggestions and feedback. We aspire to give you an evergreen youth and hopefully happiness, we cannot achieve that without your help!